I'm a big gearhead as far as creating unique sounds with 10+ pedals, etc., but lately I've decided to strip down and start fresh. My biggest influence right now is John Mayer, so I want to capture that tone which I'm pretty close to.

I want to cut back to only 5 pedals for a while to achieve John's basic tone.

I play an '08 Am. Std. Strat w/ Custom Shop 69s into a Hot Rod Deluxe w/ Jensen ceramic replacement speaker, stock Groove Tubes, etc.

How would I arrange an MXR Dyna Comp (always on, it's pure clean blues), Boss DD-7 Delay, Boss TU-2 Tuner, JH-1B Dunlop Hendrix Wah, and Maxon OD9 Tube Screamer?

I want to have a clean tone almost always, with the TS used for only soloing (for the most part), slight analog simulator delay on for solos, and wah pretty expressive a la Mayer's solo for "Good Love Is On the Way" on the Where the Light Is DVD.

If the compressor is always on, where should it be in relation to the wah; before or after?

And the OD after the compressor?

Where would the buffer circuit in the tuner be best?

Thanks in advance, guys.
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Tuner first or seperate via dry out or something?
Tube Screamer

Its always best to try things out in different arrangements for yourself
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That seems like a pretty good setup idea; I'll try that after work. Gracias, friend.