I've recently started working on my song I posted a while ago and now guess what I have a solo and stuff... C4C any ideas or suggestions are appreciated... Also if someone wants to make drums for me that would be legit! Thanks guys and gals
Sounds good, little Metallica-ish in the intro

Try using inversions on bars 49-56 and it might sound a bit more interesting, and fit more with what you made with the rest of the song
Not bad stuff!

My favorite part was probably bar 57, I love that driving kind of melody with a lead harmony. You've got the right idea with the outro as well, sounds great.

Anyways, I feel like it would sound more interesting with drums, so I shall provide drums for this track

EDIT: Here's the drums I put in. Mostly half-assed copy+paste work, however

EDIT2: Note: It seems that I somehow ****ed up the timing in bar 33, so the whole thing kinda just becomes a mess from there. Sorry about that
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In my opinion your intro is fine, it gets me into the song and everything but I think it repeated probably one too many times. However, once you get to 40 seconds, it's a great improvement and definitely a lot more interesting here. At first I wasn't too sure about the change in tempo and feel at about 1:00 in but I'm sure vocals would help here, assuming you're planning on adding them in.

Great part at 1:35 as well, probably your best so far in my opinion. Again, not so sure about the shift at 2:00 to the acoustic guitar, but I'm sure it would sound like a better transition with vocals. Not to say that it's bad, it just sort of sounds strange on MIDI, but obviously, there isn't a way to really prevent that, MIDI and Guitar Pro never do anything justice.

I think that your part around 2:47 where the lead starts is excellent and has a great mood and sound to it, definitely my favorite part of the song. Great solo and very nice job fitting it in with the rest of the song. Just judging from this section and the rest of the riffs, you have a very nice sense of melody and I'm glad you use it throughout the whole song. The only things I really saw were maybe slight arrangement issues and possibly awkward transition, but again - when this gets recorded and everything is added, it should sound fine.

Nice job overall, I liked it more and more as it went on actually.

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Sounds good, little Metallica-ish in the intro

Try using inversions on bars 49-56 and it might sound a bit more interesting, and fit more with what you made with the rest of the song

Haha I tried to fix it and it was going good until 49 the drums were in 3/4 while the rest of the stuff was 4/4 haha thanks man I liked where it was going!
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I was not too keen on the intro, and the some of the harmonies after that were pretty odd. However, I liked the riff starting at bar 33. Good use of rhythms.

Once again, good use of lead guitar over a well... not my favourite kinda riff.

The acoustic part was nice, and the solo was good but I don't think the sweeps fit in with the songs mood.
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Intro was simple, yet nice. It works. The second and third parts (17-24, 25-32) were nice. Pretty nice harmony, but the second guitar too loud. Fourth (33-48) was the best part so far, kind of an Iron Maiden feel to it. Fifth part (49-56) was nice, but sixth (57-64) was really great. The next part was a bit forced, I think you should get rid of it. I really liked the acoustic in 74-end, but it needs to be played on a real guitar. The solo was nice, but could use work. I'll try and change it a bit. On the whole pretty nice, I like it. 9/10 Sorry though, I'm not really good with drums.
Edit: OK, I tried the solo.
Song 1.gp5
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Fine intro. It's nice to hear 3rds in the sea of power chords.

I like the harmony arpeggios at 25.

35-40 was fine. I like the open strings adding to the chord.

41-48 needs work IMO. All the parts are changing on the downbeat together and it makes it feel kinda empty.

Fine riff at 49

At 57, might I suggest having Guitar 2 play octaves rather than single notes?

On the D major chord in bar 86, it seems to lose the bass end. You can throw in the open A string and make it a 2nd inversion to boost the bass there. Also, the bass part there starts off playing a G. It really clashes with the F# and the A in the guitar part. I don't know if that was your intention, but I thought I should point it out.

Guitar solo is pretty good for a first one. It could use a little more rhythmic variation, but other than that I like it. As for the arpeggios at the end, they sound great. I didn't really like the D chord in 106-107. Try replacing it with E minor.

It was pretty darn good for a first song.
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