They will find you mangled and disfigured.
Your severed cadaver suspended by strings in the corner of communication and misanthropy.
Glistening with your own cold cold blood.
Oh, you look so beautifully desolate.
Floating in fragments.
Allotments of your former existence.
And you know they won't find a heart.

They'll find me folded into a fetal position in the corner adjacent.
What have I done?
What did I just do?
My heart is beating out of my body.
What have I done?
What did I just do?
The room is getting smaller and smaller.
What have I done?

Float back to my transmuted perception of reality.
Everything falls back down to perspective.
Come to a halt.
Slow down time.
You were so very insignificant.
I just did you a favour.
You were an embarrassment to existence.
I just did myself a favour.

Satisfied my will to see you ripped in two.
Preformed the backyard autopsy that I have for so long longed for.
Atonement for what has been haunting me for far too long.
The things to come when you're out of this world.
I will have my peace of mind.

Consider us even.
I've settled the score for the last time.
Consider us dead.

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