My band is looking to order some t shirts with our logo on it.
we don't have a crazy budget, so we're looking for the best deal on ordering between 50 and a hundred shirts.
we're using only one ink color per design and the best deal I've found so far was here
which was $5.80 usd per shirt
if it makes a difference, I live in California.
I think that's as cheap as there gona get

can we see your logo for closure's sake? :P
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i would charge $10-15 if you aren't that well known, if you get demand for more, charge more haha. Since you live in California, where everything is already massively overpriced, i'm sure that would be a good amount to charge.

EDIT: Sorry, misread the question, disregard this. The only other place i've heard of is weneedmerch.com

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Look up "couston t-shirts" on google, I saw a site that said $1.76 per shirt, but I'm at school and got websenced, so I couldn't investigate.
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