Hey everyone -

I've got a nice Boss BF-3 Flanger for sale or trade. There's a good deal to play around with on it, including gate/pan, an 'ultra' flange mode, and a momentary function so you can control the effect with your foot (good for pieces where a flange is not used throughout the whole part). Of course, with any basic research or experience with one, you already know this.

There's only a few hours on it, and it's very lightly used as I don't use it for most of what I play and recently got a multi-effects box with a flanger on board. It comes with the box and all original paperwork also. Asking $90 or a fair trade, and i'll pay to ship it out (US only). I'm very sorry I can't provide any pictures since i don't have the cord for my digital camera, but if it's a deal-breaker let me know and i'll see what i can do. PM me or post here. Thanks