My friends birthday is soon and (boring: his mums friends husband) works at an Ashdown factory, and it is said that he can help make an amp for him (most likely based off an Ashdown/Hayden).

My first instinct was to say, get him to start with a MoFo (if they handwire them in that factory), and mod certain parts to how you like. For example, OT and perhaps mod it to work with KT88's or something cool.

He has a budget of around 500 pounds (not just birthday money) and the guy will most likely do most mods for free, given the situation.

The tones he is after is a huge variety, so if you include mods which vary different ends of the spectrum and do not allow possibilities for other tones, like, complete br00t, with no cleans.. then that is fine.

Good Bit:

However, we are unsure about what choices may be open, but, go mad...

Take any Ashdown or reasonably priced Hayden amp, and give a list of mods which would suit nicely with it, and tell why.


Thanks in advance!

Forgot to mention, he does play GUITAR not bass. But you can choose a bass amp and mod it to work nice with a guitar if desired!
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