I just found this on a friend's MySpace (Which I don't normally use)... I don't understand why people spell stuff like this and use "3"'s as "E"s, as it doesn't serve any purpose... I made the name a "____"

h3! m! n^m3 is _____ !m 18 i can drop it hard.!! at partts.!! like hells yeah.!! I go 2 buchana Th3 b3sT Sk00l 3v3r ! h@v3 Thr33 s!s Th@t i lUv! my b3St fr!3nd !s Ashl3y n u c@nT f!nd no1 Lik3 m3 !m 1 oF a k!nd

Find a MySpace friend that does this and post it!
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1 c4IV t41k l13k d15 t00!!!!!!!
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I couldn't do it bro, braille porn sucks.
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M3 n33va

And there was me expecting the edit to remove the 'who type like that' bit.
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And there was me expecting the edit to remove the 'who type like that' bit.
That was my first idea.
wh4t th3 fuc?!

that's the type of thing I do on a calculator (I think I just brought the mood of the thread down a notch)
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just a few of my fans..

H0w mU57 1 54Y 7h12...y0u r 4 8e4U71fUl W0M4N, 4Nd 1 w0Uld eNJ0y 7eH 4c7 0f 5eXu4l 1N7erC0UR5E w17h Y0u.

I used the translator
You have to have seen this coming, TS, seriously.

i mean

J00 h4ff 2 h4v 533n 7h15 c0m1n9, 75, 53r10u51y.


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