In the next couple of months i'll be getting a bit of money in, couple of pay days, xmas and all that

so i was thinking should i get some new pick ups and a floyd rose for my esp ltd m10,

or buy a new guitar?

also if i went with the modding what pick ups should i get,
i was thinking either some emg's or duncans,
looking for a metal tone,

and i have a 50w mg, but im not looking to upgrade my amp at the moment,

Get the amp first. Then decide what you need in mods (if any). But if that is really a nono, keep away from active pups. You'll get a better result out of good passives from the MG. Put a pair of Hot Slags (Irongear) in and you will have a start on the amp fund.
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Well, the M10 comes in a $250 package (with amp). Since it's a string through, putting on a Floyd will be an expensive surgery, which will require a good tech (~luthier). Since it's currently routed as a string through, it will require the routing of a bridge and string cavity. Which will set you back like $200+, without the actual bridge. A good Floyd will set you back at least $100+ too. Then there's the fact that your guitar doesn't come with a locking nut. Add another $100+ in labour for getting that done (nothing is more frustrating than a guitar going out of tune all the time). My conclusion: it's madness. I wouldn't do it on a $1k+ guitar either, since there's always the risk of it not turning out right. I would consider doing it myself (I build guitars as a hobby so I have experience with routing and such), but then again I dislike Floyds. My advice: try out some Floyd rose equipped guitars in a store. Just because many famous guitarists use one, doesn't mean it's the right thing for you. They come with some obvious downsides (tuning being the main one) and you might not use it as often as you'd imagine. If you really want a floyd, look into a 'low end' guitar with one stock. Then replace that floyd with a good one. But imagine to pay $500 for the guitar and another $150 for the bridge. Adding good hardware to a cheap guitar can turn it in a good guitar, but I have yet to see a good fret job on a $175 guitar. And they save on some things obviously (pot meters, finishing, wood quality and so on).

As for pick ups, it depends on what kind of metal. EMGs have a very easy sound, that's very bland to the critical ear, but makes even a cheap guitar sound metal. I personally go with Seymour Duncan and/or Bare Knuckle pick ups, but they are more complex. The main plus is that passive pick ups (EMGs are active, SDs etc. aren't) won't need a battery cavity added. Also a benefit of changing pick ups is that you can take them out and put them in another guitar.

What I'd do if I were in your shoes right now: go to your local store and see what guitar fits you best. Which pick ups, which bridge etc. and then go from there. Doing mods to your guitar is okay if you are able to do it. If you have no experience with doing stuff like routing you'll have to hire a good luthier to do it for you and they don't come cheap. Usually the labour is more expensive than the actual hardware. Changing a nut or pick ups most folks can do themselves with basic tools and some online research. Adding a trem is a lot more complex and will require knowledge of how these things are done. A mistake can ruin your guitar completely.