contact Fender?
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contact Fender?


I did a quick ebay search and checked some manufacturers as well, but didn't find anything either.

Any particular reason you want the Fender P bass Deluxe humbucker?
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No I own a Squire Jazz Bass (Frank Bello sig.) and I want to replace the jazz pickup on the bridge with one of those humbuckers (which will require routing), but I don't like the sound it has now, so I want to replace it.
Well there's lots of models to choose from. The Fender ones are alright, but take a look at other manufacturers like Seymour Duncan, Bartolini, and Nordstrand, ect. there's a lot of options out there better then stock Fender pups
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Nordstrand, MEC, fender, Wizard Pickups all make one
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That is a somewhat weird pickup - I have one in my Fender American Deluxe P-bass. It's really nothing more than two Fender Jazz pickups fused into one. Companies like Duncan and Nordstrand offer pickups that look like it, but they are meant to replace either EMG or Bartolini pickups. I am not certain if they are a direct replacement fit for the Fender.
why dont you look into something like EMG J set and convert to active electronics?
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About 20 pickups down. For the money you might aswell go for the Roscoe Beck pup.

epic win sir....but for the time, effort, and money you're better off saving up (its hard I know I'm a poor college kid too) and buying a better bass. Though if you really want to just upgrade the pups (it'll help but not as much as a new bass would) I would recommend going for an EMG or Bartolini, and would personally do a MM style bucker...but thats just me...or you could buy a new bass...do we see a motif?