I just watched this video where this girl does a stick shift.

Yeah, wow. I jizzed in like 30 seconds of watching that/jacking it.

So what is some strange porn that turns you on?

I hope this isn't against the rules. If it is, just close the thread please.
Watching videos of people getting dirty with each other isn't really all that appealing to me.
Ya know.... I was always a fan of girls who got freaky with a cup... if you know what I mean...
This is too much. Even for the pit...
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My knight in shining armor.

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I like you sir. I would like to congratulate you on how awesome you are. You make me think that there is hope for humanity yet.

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child. The younger the better really, toddler, foetus, zygote, it's all good. Actually my favourite is a puddle of semen taking a cumshot.

That's some good shit
... I like to watch Kensai....
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I don't do things small

Except children.
I like the one's where it turns out the girls have penises. It's like finding an extra Christmas present hidden behind the tree