Here's a rough mix of the first song off my band's album.
We haven't recorded the bass yet so it it might sound kind of empty in some parts, but other than that it's almost complete.

C4C, as usual

(it's the Hell song)

(oh and btw we looking forward criticism towards both the song itself and the recording)
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Ok, I was wondering where the bass was, but then I read your comment about not recording the bass yet and that makes sense. I quite like the main riff over the progression, and the progression itself is pretty good too. The structure of the song is pretty good. I'm not sure if it's the chorus or not (it's the last phrasing of singing before the song is over as well as repeated in other parts of the song), but I like this part better than the verse vocals. I something about the verse that doesn't grab, but it could be that the singer seems a little out of pitch during the verse moreso than in the chorus.
In terms of the recording, I didn't think it was very good, but then I listened to your next track (This World demo) and realized that you can do worse..... I don't know what you are using to record, but it sounds like only one, maybe two mics for the whole band. Have you thought of recording an instrument at a time? or even just drums and bass or just drums and guitar, then vocals and lead at another time?
Overall, the song itself is pretty good, better than I could write in that genre, that's for sure! I would like to hear it recorded a little cleaner though...

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Quite a different style than yours, but my favourites are Twilight and Cascading... both originals

Lyrics: Time wasted between solos.

After a mindboggling 3-hour Steve Vai concert, I had to listen to some brainless guitar playing... so I put on Nevermind...

Jesus Rocks!
hey thanks !

Well about the recording itself:

Actually we recorded each instrument separately, EQed pretty much everything and even recorded several guitar and vocal layers in some parts. Basically, recording-wise, we never worked as hard as we did for this song so it's kind of disappointing to hear it doesn't sound as good as we thought, but hey, no problem, thanks a lot for your opinion.
The other songs we have in our myspace are demos we recorded using a single mic to record the whole band and were only meant to make sure we don't forget our parts so it's not surprising they sound like shit.

I'll take a look at your stuff later, right now I'm at uni and apparently they blocked myspace so I'll have to wait until I get home.
nice recording man. you dont even notice no bass. singing was okay. it gets the job done. just look at acdc lol. cool song. lyrics are okay. i love the recording itself. sounds great, as well as mixing. not much else to say. i bet you guys are killer live. good stuff guys.

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chasepalmer: thanks a lot ! Actually we never performed this song live, and we are not gigging again until we finish our album, we already turned down a few just so we could focus on recording and composing and getting everything the way we want it.

riffer_raffer: I don't why but the music player on your myspace doesn't work for me, I tried it several times and it freezes the browser every time I hit play.
do you any alternative links ?
Quote by MikeDee
Actually we recorded each instrument separately, EQed pretty much everything and even recorded several guitar and vocal layers in some parts. Basically, recording-wise, we never worked as hard as we did for this song

The song is a nice, catchy thing but the mix doesn't really work. Like riffer_raffer said, it doesn't sound like it was multi-tracked. If you did the mix yourselves it might be high time to look into getting some help on the mixing 'cause you have a lot of rookie mistakes here. Maybe you could ask around here and see if some of the experienced guys could help you out.

A few pointers if you decide to try and remix it yourselves.

  • Low cut the drums. The kick is causing all kinds of havoc on the low end and a simple low cut should tighten them up considerably.
  • Pull out some harsh mids. Everything in the mix seems to be soaked in high mids and that's pretty jarring to listen to. The bass will fill out a little bit once it's recorded but the guitars needs definite work.
  • Levels, levels, levels. When you try to add a bit of power for the chorus, sounds like an added guitar, you end up boosting things too much which causes distorsion and takes valuable space from the lead vocal. The lead vocal is everything, never let it get overpowered like that.
  • Panning. The guitars can be wider to allow more space in the middle for the lead vocal and the bass.

Also, what did you record this on and what was the space you recorded in like?`
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ebon00: Thanks a huge lot for the advice about the mix, that's exactly the kind of advice I'm after.

We used my zoom pedal to record the guitars (line in), and a room at my house to record the drums and vocals.

btw what do you mean by harsh mids ?

Thanks again !

James_Het_Rules: Thanks !
You are absolutely right about the drums being too low, actually how I didn't notice that before, and yeah the mix does need quite a lot of work.

btw I seem to have a problem with myspace, the music player doesn't show, so I'll have to crit your stuff (and riffer_raffer's) later.
Quote by MikeDee
We used my zoom pedal to record the guitars (line in), and a room at my house to record the drums and vocals.

OK, not a bad sound for a line out from a Zoom pedal. My guess is that you printed the effects and that makes it harder to mix things so that they sound as if they "belong together". Sometimes you have to consider the mix rather than your personal preference when it comes to sounds; the awesome guitar tone you've been playing with might be all wrong for a band situation. (And it doesn't matter if it sounds good in the rehearsal space, a proper recording will have a completely different set of circumstances.)

It sounds as if the spatial effects on the vocals are from a poorly treated room (the mic catching a lot of reflections). Either get the singer closer to the mic, which is usually enough for a highly directional mic, or get some DIY acoustic treatment, a well-placed duvet usually works well enough.

I'm also wondering if you're using a stand-alone DAW or if you have a multiple-input interface and have a computer with a sequencer program. The kind of advice we can give on how to approach the mix will differ depending on the equipment used and how things were recorded (how many mics for the drums and so on).

Quote by MikeDee
btw what do you mean by harsh mids ?

The upper mids are, well, I guess harsh is the only word I can think of. Basically it sounds like a very noisy recording although it might not be.

Most of your problems are the kinds that will work themselves out with better equipment or better knowledge on how to use the equipment. I could probably re-record your song in about 2 hours, including programming the drums, but that's because I know my equipment and I've been multitrack recording since 1989. Experience counts so keep working on it, you'll get better.
"If money is the root of all evil, I'd like to be a bad, bad man."

- Huey Lewis & the News
I only the pedal for recordings, for gigs and rehearsals I use my amp.
What kind of tone do you think I should use ? More gain, more bass, etc...

About the reflections, yeah now that you said that I noticed that there's a lot of reverb in the vocals. I'll record them again, at least the verses and in a place with better conditions.

I'm using Adobe Audition, I think that qualifies as a stand alone DAW, and for the drums we used 4 our 5 mics, I'm not sure as we got someone else take care of recording them.

And about experience, that's absolutely true, if you thought this recording was bad then you should listen to my band's first EP.

Thanks a huge lot for the advice man !