I know this is a noobish question, but
Which way should the switch be pointed to on the epiphone explorer to get a rhythm tone.
I thought I had it right all along, but I became skeptical and want to make sure I have it right.
for lead playing high up on the neck most players tend to select the neck pickup, whilst play lower (eg 1st 7 frets) alot of peeps select the bridge, however it`s up to you, it`s your tone do with it as you want. (tone is subjective)

the above can also be said for rhythm alot of peeps use the bridge though, ignore what gibson written on the selector and use your ears.
I use the bridge pickup for everything distorted and jazzy. Just roll back the tone to make it a little more mellow.

I use the neck pickup for straight cleans and other effects.

Middle, I've started using for more acoustic sounds.
it should be pointing up for rhythm.

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