Have both electric and acoustic guitars. I practice with both as I am still fairly new at this. Am wondering if others do same and if that may be holding back my somewhat limited ability. What do others do ??????

Bob J
It can't hurt. Alot of people play electric and acoustic. I generally practice chording, strumming and singing on acoustic, and Alternate Picking, Legato, Sweeping and such on electric.
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acoustics builds finger strength and are in my eyes the best to learn on. electrics are awesome but if you are new to guitar will just sound loud and horrible
I think learning both can do nothing but help your ability. A lot of top electric players practice regularly, or even solely on acoustic to keep their chops up.
The acoustic is great for developing hand/finger strength as well as thicking the calluses on your finger tips. It also help to develop proper fretting techniques. If you can hold and change between various chords cleanly and smoothly on an acoustic, it should be (feel) much easier on an electric. I play both regularly...................
Practising on your acoustic will help you build your finger muscles and also because you have an acoustic why not learn some acoustic songs while your at it?
Widen your musical taste ;D, i have a lot of friends who stick to one type of playing, such as just metal... or rock, so I tend to play a lot of different things, from Slipknot and Machine Head to The kooks and also classical songs.
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electrics are awesome but if you are new to guitar will just sound loud and horrible

If you really want to hear horrible, learn to play slide guitar on a cranked electric. PETA will be at your place in about 10 minutes looking for whatever is making that blood curdling noise.