how close is the blues deville 2x12 tone to a keith richards tone, i know he uses tweed twins but how close is the tone?
i have a usa deluxe tele and have been looking at fender amps in the last few months like hotrods and twins and vibro kings, but i have an opportunity to trade my spider 3 rig for this amp.
any help is grateful.
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Hell if you can trade your Spider for a Deville, do it. You'll be much more satisfied I think!
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I'm not sure how close it is...but a Blues Deville is leagues above a line 6 spider.
i'd say go for it
It's going to get you in the ballpark, but it's really a crapshoot for that last 1% of tone...

There's no one "definitive" Keith Richards tone, you must realize he had many different set-ups over the years, yet still retained that "Keith Richards" sound.

That would be because of the fingers, not the amp!
But any solid open back 2x12 6L6 Fender style circuit will get you there.
I would say that the Twin is a closer shot, or a Super, but the DeVille is a great little amp in it's own right, and has a lot of that old twin flavor.
The reverb's not quite up to par, and it's got an edgier breakup to it, but it's certainly close.
Quote by IdntNedUrCvlWar
Hell if you can trade your Spider for a Deville, do it. You'll be much more satisfied I think!

This. Ive never tired any Rolling Stones-esque tones on the Deville so Im not sure if it can do it well, but at the very least itll have a higher resale value than the Spider, so if it doesnt wind up working out you could sell it and have a bigger pot to pull from for the next amp
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