Well for the past 2 hours I've been learning Stairway. I got a bit of it down...im a slow tab reader.. But anyways..the problem I have is remembering the notes and when/ where to play em..This is the only, well.. I guess song I will be trying to learn and remember that's finger picking for the most part. I can remember any other song but not this one...

Any tips that would help me to remembering the song? I know playing it over and over again is the really real answer but you might have a different method?
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I think this is the wrong forum for this, try the Guitar Techniques forum.

OT I was a slow reader too at first aftre enuff practice you will get better. Try to rember the chords or the key, and lisen to the song a couple times. that's what I have alwase done, but I've never tried to learn stairway.
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That makes sense..thanks.

I wasn't to sure where to post it so...
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Learn the song by continuing to play it...
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Like redneck said listen to the song but until you know it...almost so you can play it in your head ...then maybe take it a stage at a time so practice sections until you have it then move on to another section...and just keep at it ie don't worry if you cant get it straight away...just see it as a project and persevere...pretty much goes for any song too!
Well, is it that you have problems remembering any of it at any part, or can you remember the opening and then forget the rest? Hopefully it's the latter scenario, because there's an easy way to learn the rest. For memorizing stuff, start at the end and work backwards, so that way you know the entire song. But in reality, the only way to memorize a song is to play it....a lot. There really isn't any easy way out. Starting at the end can help though if you get halfway through and forget though.
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