Has anyone played this bass?

I just discovered Luna Guitars and like the designs a lot, but I'm not sure if they also sound good, if the quality is good, etc. Can't find any reviews...

Looks stunning indeed
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Looks like an Epiphone LP bass, puts a bad taste in my mouth, it especially looks a bit tippy to me. Neck-heaviness FTL.

From what I could find, its got a basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard. 30" scale length.
Looks ok, but you could probably do better in that price bracket.
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My mates got a guitar version of that, for the price (about £250 i think) the quality is just unbelievable. There was no problems you get with some MiM fenders of the fret edges sticking out, or any paintwork imperfections, or rough cutting of parts or anything. They look fairly stunning Imo. The 'toine' was fine, sounded les-paulish with a hint of a telecaster twang in there.

Might not help seeing as that was a guitar and this is a bass, but if were to hazard a guess, i would say it is probably a good quality instrument, brilliant considering the price. I would get it if it wasn't just a single bridge Pup, never been a fan of bridge pups on basses personally, but that's me.
in my experiences, Luna makes AMAZING instruments for the price, not any special tone (though they don't seem to be lacking in it), but it's the quality and feel of the thing that always boggles me.

have yet to play a Luna bass, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't on par, as their acoustics, electrics, and ukeleles are all nice.
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Sadly there's no shop in my area (I live in Berlin) where I can try this bass and I don't want to order it just because it looks nice (I especially love those moon-phase inlays )... or would it be worth a try? Nah, don't think so.

Does anyone own this bass or another one from Luna Guitars? How would it be, compared to an Epiphone Thunderbird or the Epiphone Les Paul Special Bass?
Never had a chance to try out a Luna, but I can only assume it would be better when compared to an Epi T bird or an Epi LP bass, or any Epiphone for that matter, its not very hard to do better then one. Unless your one of those people who does happen to like Epiphones that is.
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Luna's are high quality more so than the Epiphones altho you do find the odd diamond in the rough even tho its like 1 in 100 And from experience the special variants of the Epi's tend not to be as good as their standard instruments tbh.

From what i tried on their acoustic it was well built and it felt like a really good instrument even tho i was just strumming out good riddance on it.

Its a shame you can try it tho cause they do manufacture nice looking instruments.
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Looks nice, if you're set on that shape it seems to be the best you can do in that price bracket.

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