Waste of money? Or are they any good? What genre would they mainly be played in? Any difference between a regular 6-string guitar (besides the number of strings)?
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They have a chorused effect beings every string is doubled and they can be used in a number of genera(I wouldn't try death metal). Honestly I'd get one if I had the money.
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They are AMAZING!

fun to fool around with, too =D

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A 12-string sounds ****ing inCREDible in the right context. even in metal, listen to High on Fire for evidence of that. Matt Pike wields a 9-string, the low E, A, and D are strung normal, but the top three strings are doubled up like a 12-string, makes for some insane, ethereal sounds leads
As stated before, they add an interesting "chime" effect to the tune- check out the classic work of Roger McGuinn and his Rickenbacker 12. I've also seen some played in David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Steve Vai, Yes, The Eagles and other rock/metal/prog/jazz concerts.

I'm planning on getting at least one, preferably two. I primarily play in 2 different tunings (Standard and New Standard Tuning- C/G/D/A/E/G), so I'd want one for each.

One of my dreams? Get a baritone 12 string, tune it down to a lower variant of NST...say...down to A.

That might make for some pretty sick metal.
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12 strings sound beautiful, just makes fingerpicking damn near impossible haha but for strumming around, id DEFINITALLY get one ;D
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I love the sound of them and they are super fun. I just bought my first one this week and i love it.
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Fingerpicking is VERY possible on a 12 string, but like obeythepenguin said... it all about technique. Just ask Leo Kottke.

And yes, 12-strings are a blast to play. The sound just rings out of them. You hand will get tired quicker playing one, thats for sure.
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You can play almost anything on a 12. Folksy stuff is what they excel at but blues gets a totally new dimension, Country (ugh) sounds cool, English Folk could have been made for them. Pop works too if you have an electro. Think of The Hollies.
Amplified, they take delay type effects brilliantly and open tunings take you into a magical land of wide-eyed, open-mouthed audiences. At least, that's the effect mine had on a musician's jam night, and they are a tough crowd to please.
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Quote by AWACS
Waste of money? Or are they any good? What genre would they mainly be played in? Any difference between a regular 6-string guitar (besides the number of strings)?

I'll respond to this one question at a time....

Waste of money? That varies from person to person. Some people love 12 strings and play them most of them time as opposed to six strings. Some people much rather prefer a 6-string. If you know you're going to use it enough to justify the cost (or are in love with it enough), then it's definitely not a waste; Just do your research and make sure you're getting what you want.

Any Good? That varies from guitar to guitar; some 12 Strings are amazing, and others are poop. Not to say they're all hit or miss. Look in the Ultimate 12 String thread or whatever it's called, Obeythepenguin explains it a lot better.

What Genre? They've been used in rock ("Wish you Were Here" by Pink Floyd, "More than a Feeling" by Boston), Country (I dunno any examples), Folk.....a lot of genres. It's just a different sound really.

Difference from a 6 String? Well the obvious answer is twice the amount of strings. The four lowest strings (EADG) have a double string that's tuned an octave above the other string. The other two (BE) have a double string tuned to the same octave (Correct me if I'm wrong). They have a chorus sounding effect. However, if strings are out of tune, it's a lot more obvious (I'd Imagine). Also, tuning and restringing takes a lot longer...obviously.
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