Poll: If you are good at something, is it arrogant to declare yourself as such?
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View poll results: If you are good at something, is it arrogant to declare yourself as such?
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A friend of mine once declared himself to be the best classical pianist in the grade. Although many considered that to be an arrogant claim, if you'd ever heard him play, you would know that it's undeniably true.

This made me wonder, is it still arrogance if everyone knows that it's true? Is there any way you can firmly state that yuo are very good at something without being judged as full of yourself?

Do you have to excuse yourself beforehand and say "Not to be arrogant, but..." before making any such bold claim?

This is another one of those threads that has an obvious answer that has not occured to me. Opinions welcome.
It's arrogant and true. Arrogant because he didn't really know did he? And true because (presumably...) he was.
its arrogance if you boldly state it with disregard for others

you don't have to announce that you're the best at something. you could just as easily say you've been playing/doing whatever for x amount of years or at least that you're pretty good/very good at something. saying you're the best is unnecessary arrogance
Arrogance is more of an attitude. Certainly, he may be the best classical pianist in the grade, but if he's an overwhelming douche about it, that's being arrogant.
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Claiming the be good, and being arrogant are two different things.

I will acknowledge to myself that I am good at guitar. Does that make me arrogant? No.
If I was to go around claiming I was the best and noone could touch my skill then I would be.
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Arrogance is in manner, not what's actually said.
If you go around saying "I'm the best at <insert activity>, so f*ck you, peasant!", then that's arrogant.
If you said "I think I'm the best at <insert activity", during a conversation about who was best at it, might not be.
People always tell me I'm really good at guitar, I never take them seriously though, that would lead to arrogance,

I see it as that there is always room for improvement and that I could be alot better than I currently am
Arrogance is not always a bad thing. When combined with ignorance though it is a recipe for disaster.
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Yeah its arrogant. Just because youve gotten good at something and put more time in than the others doesnt make you better. Also if youre better than show it, talking about it is arrogant and cocky.
He sounds pretty arrogant. If you're the best at something then that's great, but you should let that spread by word of mouth, rather than your own mouth.
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As said, it can be arrogant and true. A truth is a fact. Arrogance is how you handle the news of something- in this case, that fact. Arrogance is defined as an "overbearing pride or an offensive display of superiority."

Arrogance and confidence are not the same, and confidence can be exuded even through modesty or humility, I respect the humble musician more than the arrogant musician, but I respect the middle ground more- the person that has the confidence to say "I'm pretty good, this is what I can do." It isn't arrogant- it's simply stating where you know you are without slinking into a superiority complex. A person should be proud of their acheivements, but I don't think that anyone should deem themselves "the best" especially in something like music.
its arrogance and wrong. He might be the most technically proficient or have the most theory knowledge but that doesn't make him the best songwriter/performer.
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pride and arrogance are two different things.

It just depends on how you go about showing you are talented. If you're a little shit about it and want everyone to know because it validates you, then it's arrogance. if you've achieved something that you're very proud of, and want to show people, it's pride in your work.
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As everyone has been saying, you can be arrogant but true.
But even if it is true, you can still be a dickhead that no one likes.
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Its arrogant to claim you are the best at anything. Just say that you are pretty good.

Plus, now you are friends with the best penis in the grade!
Eh, I find it to be a jerk move...
But that's me.
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There is no right way of doing it, really.

I can get equally annoyed with people who are obviously the best there is going "meh I'm alright"

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There is no right way of doing it, really.

I can get equally annoyed with people who are obviously the best there is going "meh I'm alright"


yeah when i do that people shoot me evil looks. i'll tell people that i'm somewhat knowledgeable or proficient in whatever. i've never had anybody call me out on arrogance for being competent and/or proficient.
My english teacher said something about this:

He said people like you more if you are modest. For instance, if someone is popular and you tell them "Man, you are so popular" and they respond "Hell yeah, man its great", they will be liked less. If they respond "No man, I'm not really like that" people like them more.

EDIT: Reading back, this post is probably irrelevant.
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In my opinion, it's still arrogance. As long as you're not humble about it, it's arrogant. I mean, he could say "I play piano, I think I'm pretty good at it" and it would be fine, but declaring that he's the best in the grade (even though he might be) is arrogance.

And no, excusing yourself beforehand doesn't make it less arrogant.
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its arrogance and wrong. He might be the most technically proficient or have the most theory knowledge but that doesn't make him the best songwriter/performer.

Well, he is by far the most technically accomplished. I don't think there is a contender for "first place", so to speak.

Also, songwriting ability isn't exactly the criteria by which to judge a classical pianist, but I see your point.
There is value in being modest and humble, but that is not to say you can not be confident or proud.
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Am I the only one who got this joke ?
If he were more modest, he'd earn more respect.

but how far does respect get you?
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