First and foremost, I was really hoping this was going to be my best song so far, but the song kind of 'took a wrong turn,' so it's not as great as I expected. Also, I planned on a vocal track, but it became a clarinet track instead, because it doesn't really sound like vocals, but another instrument. Either way, I think this is a great song, and the piano intro is a great start for this song. It's also not as long as I hoped, but it's worth a listen. IT'S INSTRUMENTAL......NO LYRICS/VOCALS. I might have to rebuild this song from the ground up, but this could take awhile, so I don't plan on doing it soon.

Guitar Pro Users: download the .gp5 file and open with GP5.

Non-GP Users: Download the .mid file and open with Windows Media Player or Quicktime.
Untitled 16.mid
Untitled 16.gp5
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