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this is my first project, and if i can't get any decent feed back i may not go through with it. i don't wanna **** up my guitar. I'm thinking about turning a squier strat into a knock off tom delonge strat. single humbucker and a single volume knob. I've read online that a few people had trouble with tom delonge pickguards not fitting their squiers. anyone else hear that? I plan to put a seymour duncan invader sh-8b in it. I'd prefer to have a fixed bridge, but the squier i have already has a temolo. is there any way to change that? If any one has any insite for me i would appreciate it. Thanks yall

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Just be sure to check and make sure any pickguard you find will in fact fit your squier if possible. If not, you can always get a pickguard custom made to fit. You can block your tremolo, or you can fill in the tremolo cavity by cutting wood blocks to fit in it and gluing them in. Then you can install a fixed bridge.
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please, one thread per topic, you could have just asked this in the other thread.

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