Hey UG

I'm pretty new when it comes to fender strats as I've never owned one before. I have a guy that has a bunch of strats and is looking to trade his 1974 strat for some gear I have.

My question is, how can I tell if it's a true '74 strat? Supposedly made in USA, but I wouldn't know how to tell.

Any advice?

I'm still doing research on it from google, but figured I would cover all my bases and ask the knowledgeable dudes here at UG as well. I'm the kind of guy where just as long as it plays good and feels nice, I like it. But wouldn't mind having a vintage strat in my collection.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Make sure the serial number matches the year it was supposedly made in and if everything else seems legit then it's probably the real deal.


I found this on a site:

F-Series (late 1965 to mid-1976) (big script "F" on neckplate below serial number):

500000 to 580000 = 1974

I know like the MIM strats start with an M on the serial number. Wondering if MIA starts with an A

^^Thx for the response
Okay, I think I should be looking for something like this:

I'm just wondering if the ones made in 74 will always have 74 as the last two digits in the serial.
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Check this page out. It should have everything you need to examine to make sure it's 100%.

Much appreciated. This site has tons of info. Thanks!