i got a project i wanna work on. turning my squier strat into a tom delonge strat. anybody got any idea where to start? what are good sites to get ideas or order parts from?
thanx for the advice Reverend-Me, but my strat is already blue. it's a mix of light blue and a surf green. not at all what it looked like online when i bought it, but still a cool color. and thank you Matt420740, however i'm looking more for a pickguard that is a bit more rounded off in the pickup cavity. i plan to install a seymour duncan invader in there, and there would be too much of a gap in the corners with that pickguard you showed me.
thats a fairly standard humbucker route.

unless you wanted something like this


cbf to find a 1 Hum model though
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Get that single-humbucker pickguard, a Seymour-Duncan invader to start. Wire just that pickup, the volume, and badaboom.
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Go to guitarfetish.com and get a $20 pearloid 'guard and find a Duncan Performer at gc or somewhere. for $30. $50 later, you have a Tom DeLonge strat.

I have a performer and I might do this to my squier just to up the look. Performer does sound good for how cheap it is.

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