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Schecter C-1 Classic
5 33%
Gibson Studio Les Paul
1 7%
Epiphone Les Paul
1 7%
Gibson SG
0 0%
Epiphone SG
0 0%
Fender Strat
3 20%
Fender Tele
3 20%
Squire Start
0 0%
Agile Guitar
1 7%
Other (Please Post)
1 7%
Voters: 15.
I just want to know what the most recommended in the forum seems to be. This is just an easy way for people to access this forums opinions in a quick when and then post threads for more detailed questions.

Of course there will be separate opinions and the saying of "it depends on what the person is looking for", but i'm just looking for the most recommended generally.

There will be a poll, but it will be made to my best abilities
John Frusciante
Jeff Beck
Matt Bellamy
Jack White

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ir depends on what the person wants. usually squires to the modders. strats for blues. teles for country and the schecters for the metal heads.
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i voted for the tele tho you didnt say which model. you might want to look at ibanez. the rg or s series