WTF should i get for christmass guitar related... im still a beginner but im really getting into guitar... should i just get some money and save up for an amp or guitar... or should i get an effects pedal or something like that? i was thinking about changing all the hardware on my guitar ... but? idk and the pickups. but i think i have decided against them. I currently have a GIBSON les paul studio, line six spyder 3 and marshall tsl 602. i can probably get about $1000 TOPS out of my entire family and i have about 500 saved up... parents and grandparents contributing the 100's... i dont play a specific genre of music. but i am interested in playing progressive metal . and some heavier stuff (metallica,megadeth).
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The Marshall TSL is good. Sell the Spider and your LP Studio. With the money you get from XMAS, you could buy a LP Standard.
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Get a few fx pedals like a wah or something to play around and have fun with
and sell that spider 3 so you can have a little more cash to spend, it can't be doing you much good when you have that TSL
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Don't buy stuff for Christmas just because you can. Save the money until you know what you truly want. It's like you can have a choice of a Mondeo now or you can wait a month for a Mustang, sure you can take the Mondeo and give it all hell but the Mustang would be the one you'd much rather prefer.
You have a decent amp, So with roughly 1500 you should buy a....

Used PRS or Gibby??

Maybe a shit ton of effect pedals. Wah, chorus, etc. And nice ones. Why buy a Dunlop wah when you can buy the 250 Fulltone wah!? Just have a hay day at GC
Id say a new amp, you might be able to get a peavey windsor and a cab, I think that together theyre only about 400-500 bucks. Saying what genre you play helps alot too.
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ask for cash and wait till after christmas shit will be cheaper.
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How cheap things are depends on what you're buying.

For instance, Carvin is having a sale: $150 rebate on all models, 50% off all options. Combined, that can knock several hundred bucks off of what is essentially a semi-custom instrument. Those prices last until Dec 31.

OTOH, if you look around, you might see a nice used guitar or amp at a local retailer for a "We're really trying to move it" price. Wait too long, and the deal will be gone. For instance, I recently saw an ad for a Hamer Chaparal 12-string bass for about $630, an instrument that usually sells for around $900 (and there is a $4200 version as well going for $3360).

Still, you might not want to blow the entire stash on just a guitar or amp or both. Spread it around.

One of the things I've enjoyed the most in my years of playing electric was my Korg PX-4 Pandora's box. It (and the similar Line 6 POD) lets you plug in your guitar and some headphones and rock out without disturbing the neighborhood. And because it hangs on your belt (since its the size of an old Sony Walkman), you can do this anywhere. The PX-4 and the POD have all kinds of amp simulators and hundreds of digital effects, a tuner, a metronome and so forth, and cost about $150 and up. GREAT for practicing anytime anywhere.
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i dont really want another les paul... :P and i dont want to sell my first guitar its got sentimental value... my line 6 is for jamming.
Buy a boost pedal for the tsl for higher gain, Or an attenuator! Yes! That way you can jam as hard as you want all night long. But beware, tubes will go bye bye quickly
If you have that much to spend, I'd say try out different brands of guitars. I don't know what kind of music you play, but you could get a pretty nice Ibanez or ESP. Just so you have a bit more variety. If not, then definitely get a few pedals, experiment with your sound. Or if you wanted you could get a relatively cheap guitar and upgrade the crap out of it. You could make a cheap guitar better than your Gibson that way.

$1500 can go a pretty long way if you think about what you want before buying whatever.
If you want a jamming amp, sell the Line 6 and replace it with something more suitable (not sure what, but not a Spider or an MG...Perhaps a Cube 30, they're not terrible, and it'll be liek for like in terms of cash really)
Or, if you don't want the hassle, don't sell the Spider and don't bother on a new amp, the TSL all being well should be fine.

Try looking for a different guitar to the one you have, so say something a bit more "metal (as it were)", or a few effects [ the basics like a wah, a delay and maybe a phaser/flanger and any other little toys you fancy].
As for the guitar, i can't really give you any advice. Nothing WRONG as such with your LP, but if you're gonna buy a new guitar, try make it somethign different so you don't have two similar guitars. I have an LP copy and ima buy a ESP KH soon (though people do slate them often).
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