Getting close now. c4c.

“Hey, Ric?” one of the SOCOs called. DS Eric Hadley walked over to the SOCO.
“What’ve you got, Paul?”
“You know anyone by the name of Aaron Frank Neil?”
Eric shook his head. “Why?”
Paul held up a blood soaked police file. “Found it under the daughter’s body.”
Eric picked it up, studying it. “Process this ASAP, Paul. We need to find out who the hell this guy is.”

I dropped off the bench, hitting the hard concrete and crushing my phone beneath me. I swore, rolling onto my back and staring up at the streetlight above me and the small piece of graffiti scrawled on the light cover.
This had to be some sick twisted joke, I thought, following my eyes from the graffiti, across the sky to the door of the small church chapel. I wanted to chuckle, but a deep feeling of unease settled in my bones. There was something in that church, I knew it, and it certainly wasn’t God.

Eric looked up from his desk and mountains of paperwork. “Did you find him?”
“No, sir, the APB’s still out. But something’s come back on that case file?”
“The chief needs to see you personally, sir.”

I moved through the park, lost inside my head. Why did this all feel so familiar? The growing dark, the grass beneath my feet, the chapel door looming ahead, the gun against my back…The gun against my back?
“Hello detective.”

“Aaron Frank Neil was arrested by Detective York about a month before these murders started.” The chief leaned back in his chair, sighing into his hands. “He was a suspect in the killing of a priest and two altar boys inside the park chapel. When Detective York brought him in, he was hysterical and delirious. He confessed to the murder, but during the interrogation, he managed to disarm and take Detective York hostage. Turned out he’d faked the fits, he was cold and clinically in control. He led York to the park chapel and barred him inside. After twenty minutes of siege, we heard two gunshots inside and reacted swiftly. We found Neil shot twice in the chest, slumped against the altar.”
Eric sighed. “Why did I never find out about this?”
“You were out on assignment and the mayor hushed the whole deal up. As far as he was concerned, case closed.”
“So what does Neil have to do with this?”
“When Neil was hysterical, he claimed that he killed the priest and altar boys because they stumbled across him trying to sacrifice himself on the altar.”
“He was trying to purge the demon from his soul in the house of the Lord. We don’t know what he did to York in that place, York never spoke.”
“Sir?” The chief and Eric turned as a sergeant entered the room.
“What is it, Sergeant?” the chief asked.
“They found York.”
“God, where is he?” Eric asked, standing up.
“In the park, by the chapel.”
“Oh dear God.”
And so the suspense builds and multiplies on itself.

I hold with my previous comments, although this one moved at a slightly more steady pace.

This could be great depending on how it ends.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black