So I have been playing through a Digitech Rp250 into my acoustic amp for a while now, and I think it is probably time that I try to get an actual amp for my electric. I was looking at a few, but what do you guys know and think about the Randall G3 Plus? I really don't have any clue, so I just thought I would ask here.

Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Studio (will probably upgrade next)
Location: Denver, Colorado is the closest big city. I am possible willing to go used, but I don't know.
Budget: around $300 (I know, not a lot, but I am only a freshman so...)

I play basically everything, but my favorites are punk/hardcore. I like warm sounds. The thing that is giving me a hard time is that I need a lot of versatility, but I am afraid to go to digital. I play in my band, which is hoping to start doing small gigs, as well as at church every week. I would probably use this amp at church at least every once in a while, which is one reason why I need it to be pretty versatile (and portable too). Currently at church I play through my Rp250 into an old Vox amp (if that helps at all).

Yeah, sorry if that was a lot of text. Please recommend anything to me, and if I need convincing about something (like going digital), feel free. Like I said, I really don't know, so please help me.
Need a website? I can make you one for pretty cheap.
Get a used Fender Blues Junior or Peavey Classic 30 and run pedals through them.
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i second the idea of a tube amp. if u like warm sounds, ur not going to like too many SS's. try it though. everyones opinion is different.
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