Alright, heres the deal. Ive acquired all of this gear within the past month. Pay attention closely to get all the details:

I recently got into a pretty big band out here in the Tulsa area playing bass. But I also play guitar. So my pedalboard is sort of a "hybrid"- I can plug my guitar OR bass into it and theres nothing that I really cant use. So on to the pictures!

I traded THIS...

...In at Guitar Center for THIS, which has been discontinued for the past year and is now getting to be very rare. They had one hanging on a peg next to the bass accessories, completely covered in dust. I only paid a $12 difference.

Pic of it on my Fender Jag Bass, picked up in October for $599:

I wanted a delay. So I hounded craigslist till i found THIS, for $100 w/ power supply included (previous owner painted it black):

So now my NGM comes to a conclusion. My mom had me run to the store to pick a few things up. So i stopped at EZ Pawn on the way home. And lo and behold, THIS is staring at me from under the glass counter...

Japanese black label OC-2. Doesnt even have velcro on the bottom. The price says its $40... But I ended up getting it for $35 since its been in there since August!

So lets add up the costs:

Leo Quan BAII Bridge: $12
Fender Jag Bass: $599 + tax = $650
Line 6 DL-4 w/ power supply: $100
Boss OC-2: $35

TOTAL: $797

Comments and criticism welcome.
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Love the bass, when I finally find the need/money to get a second bass, that's the one for sure. You have no idea how jealous I am for your DL4 steal! I'd kill for one of those at that price!
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After some research, Ive found out that the OC-2 is a Made in Taiwan Black Label. Pretty sweet.
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HNGM man.
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