I often wonder if i should learn as many songs i could or are there some "amount" of stuff you need to learn. would it hurt to just rely in improv?
Huh, I don't understand your question?
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Something I've neglected is songs, big time. I strongly advise you work on songs. Work on ones that are easy, and ones that are difficult. It'll build technique and keep it fun. And the things you struggle with, just work into a different part of your practice, for more work on them.Exercises.

Other things, I believe you have to start as exercises, then work them into your playing. You can't just start picking notes on a fretboard and hope its a scale. That kind of stuff needs to be practiced before played
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well what i mean is that, do you have to learn as many songs as possible to be better?
i think im gonna follow tenfold's and hoochki's advice.
Not as many as possible - quantity over quality. A few songs really learned well will get you further than a dozen that you half assed.

Overall the best approach is to have a good mixture of things that you do regularly - some learning songs, some improv/experimenting, some dedicated technique work to focus on problem areas, some work on music theory.
plus learn the wholle song...just learning a riff is fun but learning the whole song will imporve other sections of you playing as well