im going to make a franken strat. i want a bridge pickup that delivers an amazing distortion. i dont care about clean. i play everything eaddy and heavyer.

i use a behringer v-ampire amp as my main amp.
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dimebucker, seymour duncan distortion, or get the frankenstein relic humbucker...but you need to look beyond heavy distortion. a good guitar player can impress a crowd, no matter the instrument or tone.
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well theres different types of pickups for distortion. DO you like to have a good articulate pickup paul gilbert style. Or one thats more muddy like van halen I know gfs has they Vintage extra hots that scream this is the unoffical van halen pickup. They call them the V.E.H's and they are supposed to specialize in the brownsound.
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It depends. Do you want to sound like Eddie, or do you want to sound like something heavier?

Eddie didn't use a very high output pickup. The amp is far more responsible for the tone than the pickup.