I'm gonna sound like the dumbest person in the world but, i got Guitar Rig to open up, my guitar is plugged into an interface(audiobox) that is plugged into my computer, but i can't the guitar rig 3 to connect with my interface

What am i suppose to do???
File -> Audio and MIDI settings

1. Select ASIO
2. Find your interface in the dropdown list
3. Click ok
4. You're there.

Believe me, i legally pruchased guitar rig and i can say one thing. IT SUCKS LIKE ....

to get the great sound that made my guitar addiction stronger.

1. Get Reaper (or any other DAW)
2. www.acmebargig.com
2.1 Get an amp of your liking (DIG 2.0 is old and it's not ABG standard at all).
2.2 Get Lecab
3. www.recabi.net
3.1 download the demo pack
4. Put those .dll files in a folder you can find
5. Start up reaper
5.1 Go to options -> preferences
5.2 Select VST from the list on the left
5.3 find your folder
5.4 Go to DEVICE and find your audiobox
5.5 Click OK
6. Restart reaper
7. Start up reaper and make a track (CTRL + T)
8. Record arm the track
9. Click on FX
10. Find your downloaded VSTs on the FX browser
11. Add the amp VST you got from www.acmebargig.com
12. Add the cab VST (LeCab)
12.1. Explore it and find a way to turn it on.
12.2. Browse to find a cab IR (.wav file) that you got in the demo pack from www.recabi.net
12.2.1 Modern --> Gandhi --> 6L6 come grille is my favorite
13. Tweak the amp and try another one if you don't like the sound of this one.
14. Have fun and feel the quality tone fill your ears!!
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