I ordered a book and it was put as backordered.... what does that mean? do I have to reorder?
means they don't have any to send you.
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Too many people have ordered that book and they have to wait for a new shipment. No you don't have to re-order, unless you want two books.
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Ok and the money for the book wont get taken out then? because the other item i bought is being sent while the other is backordered.

as long as they will send when they get some I guess its no big deal.. but I have been checking and their dates for new stock keep changing like they are to odumb to order enough...

went 11/05 to

and probabyl will go to 11/10 now.
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if you put the order through then depending on the company, they may take it out now as part of the purchase, or wait till it leaves the warehouse and then they will take the money out.
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means u'll get it when they get it, man
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ya because webster and briticannica both tell you what it is.......... I had a feeling of what it was but last time something was backordered it never came.