hello GB&C, i have a couple of questions for you guys. i've got a 2006 72 Tele Deluxe RI, and i'm really starting to be unhappy with a couple of aspects of the guitar, mostly involving the pickups. i've read about changing the pots to 500k's over the stock 250k's to improve clarity and reduce muddiness, one of my main issues, but i'm having a problem finding 500k solid shaft pots. does anyone know where i can find them?

i'm also considering orange drop capacitors, but i really don't know much about them. what are the benefits, and would it be worth doing?

thank you for any and all help!
Just curious, why do you think you need solid shaft pots?

The 500k would help with the humbuckers. You'll get more treble out of them that way. The standard for good pots is the brand CTS.

As for the orange drop caps, forget it. There is so little current/voltage generated by the guitar that you won't notice a difference in a different style of cap. A different value cap will change the way your tone control sounds, though.