I saw a video of some guy on youtube with an ibanez jem jr. WTF is that? And then i found other videos with jem jr. with like crazy colors and crap. I was like holy crap! lol. So what's a jem jr.?

And on an offhand note, how much would a jem or UV cost used? I'm thinkin about one of those as my next guitar(probably a jem because my 7321 is customized so i don't really need a new 7 string but my 6 string is cheap as anythin). So yeah, what would the price ranges be for either of the two guitars(i know they each have different models but idk what the differences are other than color)
used probly around 900-1500
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The Jem 555 is sometimes call the "Jem Jr." It's a crap guitar that no one who does five minutes of research will end up buying.

As for a used Jem. $1200-2000 depending on condition and age is what I typically see them for. Differences amongst the jems are: Fretboard wood, pickups, bridge, color, inlays and body wood.

I've actually never seen a used Universe for sale locally.
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don`t bother with the 555, save up and get a proper jem.......

jems are a great investment as they don`t depreciate very much, ignore the typo on that page 3rd item down, that`s 2nd hand stock btw. just to give a idea of how they retain the value.


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