Ok so here's the deal...

Looking for a new electric guitar preferably under $1000.

I play a wide range of rock, ranging from the harder intensities of avenged sevenfold to the bluesy licks of hendrix/SRV. I also play a lot in acoustic settings.

I want a guitar that has enough balls and feel to handle fast playing and the occaisonal pinch harmonic of my hard rock influences while also being able to slow down and get that bluesy type of feel. also i want a guitar that has a good acoustic setting for those types of songs.

Thanks for your help on this matter to y'all

ps. i love the wammy bar so if that could be on the guitar that would be a plus.
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thanks for the suggestions guys...been going to some local guitar shops to see what i can find.

in my opinion i'd rather play a guitr before committing to buy it....u have any advice for buying guitars via the internet? its a new experience for me.

thanks anyway tho