Hey all, I'm about to buy a 30W amp for practicing.

I'm torn between the Ashdown Perfect 10 and the Roland Cube 30. I've heard good things about both, and I played a Cube 30 for myself and thought it was great. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions either way as someone who had played with both amps? I'm just looking for a good practice amp that's both portable and can hold its own with a drummer.

I'm also open for suggestions for other 30W amps. If you need to know what I play, it's an Ibanez GSR200, and I mostly play metal/metalcore.
I dont really think the cube can stand up to a drummer...
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you need at least 200 watts dude.
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The only way a 30 watt amp is enough is when you place a mic in front of it and run it through the PA.
I've tried rehearsing with the band with the Ashdown 5-fifteen (100 W) and that wasn't enough. Now I use the Ashdown MAG300 head + MAG410T cabinet (+/- 220 W) which is perfect for me.
I'm not a fan of the microcubes or cubes. They're OK for guitar but start pushing the volume level on the bass ones and the lower tones just fart, esp. on a 5er.

Portable and "compete with the drummer" are normally mutually exclusive unless your drummer is under aggressive. However you may want to check out Kustom or Orange amps, which are have a reputation for being loud for their wattage.
I probably should have worded my post better. I'm just a kid with a friend who's a drummer, and we occasionally jam. He's not that loud either. That's pretty much 2nd priority.

I just need something to practice with and was wondering if you guys had any input on a 30W amp..I'm low on cash, which is why I'm shooting so low.
Id go asshdown, but there are probably some better amps out there like orange and kustom.
My 25 watt crate competes with my drummer enough to be heard, but I have to turn it up to 9 or 10.l
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
I was actually gonna look at some Orange amps too, guess I should check some out. Thanks for your insight.
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you need at least 200 watts dude.


2 words: acoustic b200. thats what you need. its only 350 dollars and it has GREAT tone.
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A 30W amp is really going to struggle even for practice with a drummer and as you develop your going to want to practice with guitarists and so on. This amp is only going to last you a few months before you want to upgrade. If you know you will be upgrading in a years time it pays to buy second hand so you can get most of your money back when you sell.

The trouble is that bass is power hungry and your going to need at least 100W (or 50W with great speakers) for practice and 200W for gigs so most of us end up going straight for the 200W, hence the advice you are getting.

If your situation is that you have to have the little combo though there is only one way to choose. Try them out, if they sound good to you then they are good . Try as many brands as you can in your price bracket and be aware that being loud is a real bonus with what you are trying to do. We can help with advice on reliability (avoid Behringer) and suggesting alternatives.
Saying that though, I must push for the Ashdown Perfect 10 amp. I've had one since I started out, and while it should in theory be 'not enough' for a drummer, both my basses get enough out of the amp that the drummer can hear what is going on. Not with guitarists playing though, and all the passive basses I've tried through my combo don't push nearly the same volume. But just some food for thought.
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