yes very ots-y. nothing.

black cosmic curses/
therapies for lunatics
call it whatever, but
don't stop
holy watering the sprout,
the seed strange
gave to me and planted
on my insides.
spirals of birds singing above, but
oh it is you that inspires the bloom:
out through my mouth
to outer space,
puncturing clouds,
laying shadows on
on the ground. -
your sun through the windows of a
lonesome wax museum.
a sculpture to
the skies;
a mesh of words written
for you.
they are somewhat tied together (most of them at least) through the plant, bloom, seed theme. though i also just wanted a flow of images at parts. thanks matthew.
I dislike some of the line breaks, they're distracting at times. Is "Don't stop" really important enough to get a line by itself?

The seed strange
gave to me..

That was also a section where the line breaks just made it more difficult to read. These were sprinkled throughout.

Nothing else I can say other than that.

Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black