im looking into new guitars but im having a little trouble deciding
first off im left-handed, i play anything from country to metal (mostly metal).. nd im kind of on a budget.. so far ive got a couple possibilities such as the Jackson DK2L Dinky, Ibanez RG5EX1 Left-Handed, or the Schecter C-1 Hellraiser Left-Handed...
all opinions are appreciated

sorry, here are links for the guitars mentioned above
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Personally, I'd go with the Jackson. All of the Schecters I've tried just feel cheap and I didn't like the RG5EX1 I tried. The trem was crap and the pickups would definitely need to be replaced. The trem on the DK2L isn't the greatest either but it's much better than the Edge III.
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thanks for your input... just so you know i took your advice and went with the jackson and i dont think i could have made a better choice... once again thank you
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