New to this whole guitar thing, but one of my father's favorite songs was Kentucky Moonshine by Pure Prairie League. However, I haven't been able to find the chords for this song.

I got this from a different forum, but the chords don't sound right when played alongside the song.

F F# G C
Sometimes Kentucky moonshine
G C C7
Is sweeter than the sweetest whine
F Bb
When I'm lonely you make me sing the blues
G C F F#
Kentucky moonshine I love you...

Just wondering if anyone could help me out with the right chords so I can learn the finger picking.

I'm no good at fingerpicking, but I hope these chords will help ya.... this is from a youtube video called "Kentucky moonshine"..don't know i it's in the right key but on the comments they say the guy playing was from Pure Prairie League..

Some chords:

E-F7-F#7add6 B7 E

(E-F7)F#7add6 B7 F#7add6 B7 (B9)
E7 A7 F#7add6 B7 E

A F#7add6 A B7
E7 A7 F#7add6 B7 E

Last part of last chorus:
E7 A7 F#7add6 B7 E B7 E B7 E
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