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the ocean is all churned up and the stars are gone,
and the sky above us cracks and bellows like our apocalypse is now.
your breath cuts short against my neck,
i feel your eyelids flutter against every arc of light.
these are the last moments before we crumble into the earth itself
and are buried alone. i love you and the last words
that fall from my lips are met by your own
and so i think i’m okay
and i welcome the black.


She looks at the cieling before going to sleep-
I look at the stars from the top of my apartment building.
gather my things and drive the ten miles to the parking lot,
take a nap in my car and swallow the gravity,
humidity pushing down on me until morning.
The sun catches my eye as I climb up the stairs
and I look down at my feet and see holes underneath
and the shadows of people who I'm leaving for.
Now theyre lifting us off the ground
and I don't feel so ashamed,
so i turn my back on another life
and drown in the thought of another world.

A Twisted Salvation

It took no time at all - the bacon
greeted my fat lips with all the
spit and hiss a good rasher should.
The egg slapped on top of the slop
of baked beans, the sausages
jutting like two greasy fingers
grabbing at the group of mush
rooms. It was then I stopped;
looked at the pile, then flopped
my face like a dog to it's food,
all slobber and flapping cheeks.

That was my salivation.

---Willy Wonka's Jesus Beard---

Jesus comes like a thief in the night;
stealing souls from children
and candy from overweight grownups
who've never been able to balance
hunger pangs on the knife edge of
society's skinny jeans.

Who should be more upset?
Children who will never experience
heartbreak, shattered dreams and the loss of a loved one?
Or adults who will never
get to experience the salvation of finding
how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop?


the Wellesley mist lays thick on you
and we both know its never letting light through
so I cover my my neck with a scarf,
turn around for a sec to pay my last respects
to your suddenly empty shade

"and if I can't count on you
then I'll just have to count on the morning dew
and work my way up from there;
slap myself every morning as a reminder that the truest dreams
build themselves up from the chasms of despair
every time."
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
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Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black