So what you want is a straight Gibson LP Custom. Or is there something about it that's different? Oh I see. Rosewood fingerboard, rather than the Custom's regular Ebony. If you can put up with Ebony
Nearest MF have is
The original Customs all had 3 pups from 1957 to 1960 when they were replaced by the SG shape, still with 3 PAFs. Prior to 1957 they had a P90 in the bridge and an Alnico V P90 size single coil in the neck.

You could taje a look at this
And check with Tim if he will make you a black one. It will probably cost more than the Epiphone but a lot less than the Gibson.
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I have an Epi LP and I love it...even with the ebony fretboard. From what I understand, and the primary reason I bought an Epi rather than an actual Gibson is that for the price, the build quality is amazing and the sound is close to par with its big brother. However, I did some snooping on Ebay and found that most of the Customs run anywhere from $1000-$3500+ us dollars. I found an Epi that seems to match your desires right down to the rose wood fretboard here:


Good luck. Peace.
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