Hi !

Looking for a poweramp for Marshall Jmp-1 and Peavey Rockmaster Tube preamps.
Will use in studio only so 20/20 tube watts is plenty loud.

I heard EL84's fry real quick and have reliability problems. Can either of these be re-biased for 6L6's ??

Which one do u suggest. For clean and Hi gain tones.
BTW, what r EL84's like anyways ?

I have only played 6L6's and EL34's.
EL84s are not best suited for high gain tones, they're more vintage sounding.

I doubt 6L6s will fit into the one space rack.

Do yourself a favour and try and pick up the Carvin T100 on ebay (NOT the TS100), they usually run for 300-500 and are killer! I had one before I picked up my Mesa 2:90 (which is also AMAZING if you want to drop the bucket load of cash)
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