I've written my first song, as crappy as it is, and I have a question about rhyming. I know it's terrible, but this is the pattern



The question I have is; for the bridge, is it ok to go AABCCD, or will the D just sound out of place?

Thanks for any help
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Well, the problem is your problem is very vague. Write it, sing it, share it, if it sounds out of place sometimes a little 'out of place' adds artistic flair to your work. If you wrote it and you feel it's really from the heart, it'll probaby be a great piece.

Write the song and post it here, or at least give us the bridge. A's, B's, C's and D's are hard to work with =/
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The end of the bridge is a perfect place to let a non-rhymed word hang. It can be used to build tension before you jump back into the last chorus. Of course it depends what the music is doing to some extent.

I agree..............It should fit,