Finally, I get to post this up, my new Turbo Tubescreamer fresh out of the US, $121AUD including shipping. I plan to use it as a gain boost for my Bugera 333XL (to come soon), for the moment I use it to add a bit of volume/mids/gain to solos, sometimes use it alone through the clean channel.

My pedal family for the moment, except my Metal Core (which I'm selling, if anyone is interested).
Duv - Yeah, depending on the amp. When I tried it out at my local music store, they didn't make much difference, but playing around with it at home, the hot mode adds more gain and makes it a bit middier, the Turbo mode gives it more low end, the + mode gives it a little extra crunch. I usually use it on either TS9/Turbo modes.

WtrPlyr - I got them to use together, the SD1 is getting the Keeley Stacked mod very soon
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nice i love me some tubescreamers
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