Me and my band are going to play hold the line by toto, but unfortunantly i am totaly unable to do the solo.
Is there anybody here who got any tips, lessons or anything that can help me do this solo?

Thanks in advance!
gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8
use a scale, usually an Am Pentatonic Scale or Em Pentatonic Scale will work with just about any song. here they are:

Am Em
|------------------------------5--8--| |------------------------------------------12--15--|
|-----------------------5--8---------| |--------------------------------12--15------------|
|----------------5--7----------------| |----------------------12--14----------------------|
|---------5--7-----------------------| |------------12--14--------------------------------|
|--5--8------------------------------| |--12--15------------------------------------------|

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I play this song with my band too, and I'm also unable to do the original solo since it's quite hard. You can use the F# Minor Pentatonic scale to improvise the solo if you're unable to play the original one.