Hey guys, I want to get a new guitar but i have a low budget.... about $400. I want to get a Jackson Js30RR. I'm aware of where the input is and that's a big reason I don't want this guitar... Any suggestions for other kinds? Links?
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it shouldnt bee too much of a problem, just get a cable w a right angle jack and wrap it around. id say check out some of the LTD series, or save up for a better jackson if you want the shape.
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What is it you like about the jackson have you considered any other brands Ibanez, Scheter.
What amp are you runnign this guitar through?

this one is quite cheap!

The link didn't work for one... and I like this guitar because one of my favorite bands is Bullet For My Valentine and I love the way they look. I plan on buying a new amp soon but right now I have a Stone.
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for 400 dollars? get a schecter. best value for money atm
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Try the JS32T. It looks similar (but better) to the JS30RR, has shark teeth inlays on the fretboard and the input jack has been moved to the upper horn… where it belongs.