Not sure if this belongs here, but how does he get that sound? I'm guessing its his amp's clean channel /w neck pickup and some delay and reverb?

Okay now something related to technique: Is it just me, or is it harder to tap on the e and b string on the clean channel? When I do it with distortion it is around the same volume when I tap all the strings, but when using my amp's clean channel it just seems that the high strings are softer than the low strings when tapped on.
as far as the sound goes ya it sounds like clean, neck, reverb and delay.

and iv noticed the same thing when tapping just try to hammer a little harder than on the lower strings but make sure you do it cleanly and dont cause the other strings to buzz it just takes practice.
Use the neck (or middle) pickup. Use a decent amount of reverb and a small amount of delay.
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