Yamaha Pacifica 112
Fender Princeton Reverb

for my

Marshall MSI15 Mini Stack
Cort Viva 7 String
My gear
Ibanez RG7321
Jackson Warrior WRXT *FS/FT*
Jasmine J35
Squier Fender P-Bass
Ibanez TBX150H
Crate 4x12
Fender Rumble 60

the best way to figure this out is go to ebay and see what ur stuff and their stuff have recently sold for. if the numbers add up and u want what their offering, go for it, if not, counter offer.

btw, theres an edit button on ur posts for a reason.
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even if monetarily it doesnt match up, that shouldnt be the deciding factor. if those things that you would be getting are more valuable to you (in terms on want/need, not money) than then deal is fair and worth it
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your just swapping beginner gear for more beginner gear...

I dont know what sort of guitar your cort is but considering how shitty the mini stack is, i would say your getting the better end of the deal.
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