For sale,
Gibson les paul standard cherry sunburst. 2000 model.
Has a couple of small nicks in the front but apart from that in good condition.
email me for pics

Set of EMGs 81 + 85, including all wiring, jacks, pots etc.


oops, sorry mate, I have PM'd you my email, if you reply to that or email me I shall reply with pics.
I am in Leicester myself, not sure if I have enough this week though, but pm me. I am selling my strat and then I can buy the Gibson
Les Paul still available, check my profile for pics.
Will consider offers

EMGs still available too!
Oh and I am not sure my PMs are working, so if I don't reply put a comment on my profile.
Les Paul still for sale?
I'm coming into some money tonight selling some guitars so I should have enough for the LP.
Dont suppose you could do a deal for both the pickups & the LP could you?
EX-Guitar Player...
Yes LP still for sale.
I'm sure we could do a deal yep, send me a PM and we can go from there. May be best to include your email with the PM as I'm not sure my sending ones are working.
If I haven't replied by later then I may not have got the PM!
Les Paul and EMGs still available.

Also Boss BR864 recording studio, almost no use. £100
Its been a while but both the guitar and emgs are still available if anyone wants them!