So my music teacher gave us a project today, which he was very vague about, but basically we have to take one and/or two of these trad tunes and do whatever we want with them and get the class to play it

The class has guitar players, piano/keyboard players, violin players, a bass player, an accordion player, a harp player. I play guitar btw

So here are the tunes

Blackbird D by Padraif O'Keefes

The Happy One Step

Serious and non-serious suggestions welcome!!

inb4: violin bow + guitar solo, sweep picking, wah wah
Violin Bow guitar solo, with sweep picking and wah wah.
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Quote by woodenbandman
Violin Bow guitar solo, with sweep picking and wah wah.


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Try rearranging one into the style of the exposition of a fugue- have some of the class play the first two bars, then some others play the second half of the four bar phrase, transcribed so the tonic is the dominant of the first half's tonic. Then have some others just play chords underneath it. Makes for a nice little two part melody without sounding too empty.