Whenever i play a bar chord, or sometimes any chord for that matter, the strings seem to be to close to the frets that are on the side were the strings are vibrating. as a result, no matter how hard i push down the strings, they hit the frets and make a buzzing sound. i know the problem isnt my hand strength because it does the same thing with a capo on. is there any way i can fix this?
Have you tried putting shims under the bridge? Also check the neck it my need some adjusting.Maybe this helps
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I had the same problem with my Taylor, but only when I got a good strum on ,but still too much for me to handle without driving me nuts.

I checked to see how straight my neck was, which is was pretty straight. So I backed off the nut on the Truss rod just a half a turn. It still did it ( buzz on the frets ) some "right" after I did it, but it had to have time to adjust. Didn't mess with my action much either.

This MAY help it MAY not. Just do it a 4th of a turn each time. I would wait till a few for comments first and see if you get any other ideas before trying this. But ifyou do , do that , just remember yours turns so if you want to change back.
I had a smillar problem on one of my acoustics, I just took a piece of thick paper(like the cover of a notebook) cut it to make it fit and stuck it under the bridge. I only had about 8 frets that did it so you might need more than one to do it.
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Raising the bridge with a shim is a very good idea and the best place to start. Adjusting the truss rod is next. Technically the neck should not be perfectly straight, it should be slightly concave, bowed down. Let a pro adjust it. It's only around 30 bucks to have it done. Cheaper than screwing it up if you are not sure of what to do. I'm relatively new to playing and I learned this the hard way.
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